A Blog with a Focus

•February 14, 2010 • Leave a Comment

This is not the first blog I have attempted to publish, but the first one I have found a focus for: library and information science as applied to the enterprise.

I’ll tackle bibliographic control, thesaurus engineering and many other exciting topics right here.

I am an information professional, working in the private sector. My background is manifold: literature, linguistics, history and library and information science. This doesn’t make me unique, as many of us info pros combine various backgrounds, but I guess that I always take that proverbial pinch of salt to distance myself from any of the disciplines referred to above. That could at least make things less dry for most people.

I love being put in charge of new projects that I know will need some thinking: implementing an integrated library system or developing controlled vocabularies being two of them.  I have realized that those projects generally entailed common steps: research/plan & design/ rollout.

Going through these is a process that involves actually understanding what I learned/ read about. This is the tacit knowledge I’ll try to capture here for others to make use of or jump on to refine.

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